Farm Values: The book!

We started the Farm Values project two years ago with a grant from Mass Humanities, and this month we’re proud to present a locally-published book based on the research and photography that were generated by the project.

Entitled A Quabbin Farm Album, it contains slightly-edited versions of the blog posts from this site, along with many of the photos taken by Oliver Scott Snure in 2015 and some follow-up photo shoots with area farmers in 2016. Continue reading Farm Values: The book!


Some videos, at last!

Videographer Shane Brown at work last summer.
Videographer Shane Brown at work in Warwick last summer.

We’ve been quiet for a while, but with the start of the new summer farm season (and the end of Cathy’s academic year) there’s some action again on our long-delayed videos.

We shot the footage for these last summer, and are currently editing the final four.

The first two, which we premiered at our December 10, 2015 capstone event in Athol, can be found here. Keep an eye here and on our Facebook page for others coming soon!